Why an Experience is the Most Important Gift for Loved Ones in 2020

by | Nov 16, 2020 | News & Special Events, Skydiving Info

Why do we give gifts? In addition to the social rituals connected with holidays and special occasions, we give gifts to show appreciation. We give gifts to express love. We give them to apologize. And we give because it makes us, the giver, feel good. Giving a gift, particularly a good gift, is a win-win situation.

2020 has been a tough year for all of us, so there’s extra pressure to get the perfect gift to lift your loved one’s spirits. But what’s the best way to do that? By giving an experience. Below are five reasons why giving the gift of a good time is the way to go, especially in 2021.

#1: People feel more happiness when they anticipate an experience vs. waiting to open a material gift.

If gift giving aims to make the recipient feel good, you can’t go wrong with giving an experience. The receiver first feels joy upon receiving the news of the event, whether it’s in the form of pre-purchased tickets, certificates, cards, or memberships. They then get an added boost by looking forward to the arrival date of that experience. It’s like a one-two punch of happiness! 

#2: Avoids adding stress to your recipient

Research has shown that clutter (which results from too many material things) can negatively impact mental health. None of us want to give a gift that might lead to stress in the long run. Additionally, there is stress on the giver in seeking out the correct material object. Not only would you need to decide which type of item to get, but those decisions also typically involve added questions such as needing to get the right size, style, and brand preference. Giving an experience removes those complications.

#3: New experiences increase dopamine

Humans love a good dopamine boost. One easy and natural way to have one is to experience something new. We can help our friends and family get this natural high by facilitating a novel experience for them. The best part is that even if the person has experienced a similar thing before (example: they’ve already seen their favorite band once), every event (or concert) is still a unique experience. You can then present your gift without any added stress about whether they’ve attended X, Y, or Z before — it will still be new!

#4: Allows you to empower others to live outside their comfort zone

You likely know people who dream of new and exciting experiences, but for whatever reason cannot justify purchasing such an experience for themselves. Perhaps the reason is financial. Maybe it’s fear of a new sensation. Regardless of the reason, you can empower this person to have a chance at feeling something truly thrilling.   

#5: Strengthens social bonds

The strength of your social relationships can be increased to a greater extent by choosing experience over materiality. And if you attend together, you can forge memories that you can talk about and think fondly back on for years to come. Especially after a year of being isolated, spending time doing something together is more important than ever.

The Ultimate Experience for 2021: Skydiving

If you feel stumped about what sort of experience to give, choose skydiving. This gift can be in the form of a skydiving gift card, which allows the recipient to pick and choose their day/time, or you can schedule the day/time yourself and attend with your friend. Skydiving matches all five of the above reasons. It gives your friend or loved one something to look forward to, does not increase clutter, will be a new and exhilarating experience, lets them live outside their normal comfort zone temporarily, and will increase your social bond.

With 2020 finally coming to a close, we all need a new experience to look forward to. And, although we may be biased, we think that a skydiving experience is just the thing to put a HUGE smile on the face of someone you love.

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