Groups & Events

Groups & Events at Piedmont Skydiving, from proposals and gender reveals to corporate events and team building!

FAQs About Groups & Events

How many people can jump at one time?

If you want to jump with a friend or friends, you’re in luck! Depending on the day of the week and the plane being used we can take 2 to 6 tandem pairs up on a load, so you can share the experience with someone special (or someone who’s just awesome).

Do you offer group rates?

Yes. See our excellent group rates for a fun outing with your most adventurous friends, church buddies and coworkers!


Group Pricing Discount Rate
4+ People $10 off Per Person
8+ People $20 off Per Person
12+ People $30 off Per Person

Can I propose while skydiving? How about a gender reveal?

Absolutely! At Piedmont Skydiving, we’d love to help you take a special experience and make it even more exciting! Please contact us directly for more information on special events.

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Give the Gift of a New Adventure

The perfect gift? A dream delivered. Skydiving Gift Cards are the perfect way to create an unforgettable experience for someone you care about.

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    George W.

    I had a great time! It was everything I thought it was gonna be! Jumped out of a perfectly good... read more

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    Steven S.

    It was awesome experience my instructor was great, made me feel very comfortable through the whole process. If your seeking... read more

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    Cj S.

    Just did my 2nd tandem jump with Piedmont Skydiving. They are the goods! You won’t meet a nicer group of... read more

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    Gloria H.

    We're do I start I have never thought of sky diving and then it was suggested by a friend... read more

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