Learn to Skydive

Learn to Skydive solo and get certified through our Accelerated Freefall program.

Learn to Skydive with our Accelerated Freefall Progression Program

Time to kick off your tandem training wheels? Our Accelerated Freefall Progression Program is designed to put you on the fast-track to being able to skydive solo. The program consists of ground training, tandem jumps, training jumps with our experienced professionals, and supervised solo jumps.

The 16-jump program starts with two tandem skydives to help you get your bearings in the new environment. From there, it emphasizes strong freefall and canopy skills, a procedural approach to the high-stakes environment of a skydive and one-on-one tutelage by our team of experienced skydiving instructors. We do our best to make sure that all jumps are video recorded for thorough, immediate feedback.

Tandem 1
Freefall: Display proper body position.
Tandem 2
Freefall: 90 & 360 degree turns. Pull at correct altitude in a calm and
aware manner. / Parachute: Discuss canopy control check and pattern.
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First Jump Course
Ground Training; 6-8 Hours.
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*To be eligible for the solo jump ground course (the next step in the AFF process), you must complete two tandem skydives.
Freefall: relaxed and stable pull at the correct altitude.
Freefall: Release Dive, relaxed and in-control solo pull at the correct
altitude. (*After this skydive, you must join the USPA [additional fee] to continue)
Freefall: 90-degree freefall turns left and right using arms. / Parachute:
90 degree rear riser turns with brakes stowed and unstowed.
Freefall: 360 degree freefall turns. / Parachute: 180/360 rear riser turns.
Freefall: Barrel rolls; demonstration of stability recovery.
Freefall: Backflips, front flip; demonstration of stability recovery.
Freefall: Intro to tracking (Delta position). / Parachute: Deep brake
turns. Eligible For Packing Class ($75 – max. 4 hours).
Freefall: Tracking (Full). / Parachute: Braked approach.
Freefall: x2 successful docks from greater than 10’ starting distance /
Parachute: Reverse canopy turns
AFF 10
Freefall: Fall rate adjustments
AFF 11
Freefall: Swoop docks. / Parachute: Front riser turns
AFF 12
Freefall: Simulated Emergency Exit from 5,500ft
AFF 13
Freefall: Simulated Emergency Exit from 3,500ft
Check Dive
Freefall: 360–degree left turn, 360 right turn, backflip, dock from +20’
starting distance. / Parachute: Land as planned
A License Requirement
8 more jumps at $79 each to meet A License requirement
Prepay option
Package price for AFF 1 through check dive. Normally priced at $2,546
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*PLEASE NOTE: To be eligible for the solo jump ground course you must have already completed two tandem skydives. To schedule your tandem skydives, click here.

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  • Miriam Levenson Avatar
    Miriam L.
    Amazing place for first time sky divers!! Andrew was extremly great with explaining all the steps and calming nerves. Could not have asked for a better first time jump - really great team working there.
    read more
    2 years ago
  • peggy knight Avatar
    peggy k.
    I had the experience of a lifetime Saturday, November 13, 2021, with Josh on my tandem skydive. This was my 2nd one. My first was when I was 60 yrs old and this one was on my 70th birthday Saturday. Josh was kind and considerate. He explained the process to me and had me very relaxed. I would recommend them to anyone .
    read more
    2 years ago
  • Pratiksha Bokadia Avatar
    Pratiksha B.
    Had such an amazing time here! Darcy and Skye made the experience so much more memorable, by making sure that we were comfortable at every stage.
    read more
    1 year ago
  • Kelly Key Avatar
    Kelly K.
    I am so terrified of heights, but my son was going and wanted to conquer my biggest fear. Thank you Allen. He made the whole experience memorable. I felt safe and he kept reassuring me. BEST experience ever. Forever grateful
    read more
    2 years ago
  • Bruna Viana Avatar
    Bruna V.
    A melhor e mais emocionante experiencia. Apesar de nao falar bem ingles eles foram super atenciosos desde a ligação para pedir informações, ao chegar e ser atendido e a equipe que nos acompanhou no salto. Nota 10 amazing 👏!!!
    read more
    3 years ago