Skydiving near Winston-Salem

Piedmont Skydiving near Winston-Salem in central North Carolina


There are plenty of fun things to do around Winston-Salem when you have a moment to yourself. However: let us suggest tandem skydiving.


And our system works smoothly enough to have you checked in after breakfast and skydived by lunchtime. Why not give it a shot? It’ll be a great story to tell in conversation at the convention mixer…

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  • Aija McHone Avatar
    Aija M.
    Perfect place to take my daughter Skydiving. I have skydived in the Marines and beyond. I have always told my kids when they turned 18 I would take them skydiving. Piedmont Skydiving was the PERFECT place to take her. The instructors were awesome, energetic and professional. This is a great place and we will be back again. Couldn't have been more pleased.
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    2 years ago
  • Jon Jacobs Avatar
    Jon J.
    Piedmont was absolutely amazing. We made great connections, jumped from a PAC750, and did a high altitude jump. The people there are amazing and helpful. 10/10 would hella recommend
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    3 years ago
  • Hannah Bell Avatar
    Hannah B.
    Everything about this place is amazing! Everyone was so nice and helpful, truly making you feel safe and comfortable. Kai was the best to jump with, go get yourself some new shoes bud! 🙂
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    2 years ago
  • Adam Neely Avatar
    Adam N.
    Freaking amazing! Couldn't of asked for a better team of individuals that make safety thir first priority. They're a great group. I highly recommend this place for your sky-diving adventures......
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    1 year ago
  • DiCarlo Washington Avatar
    DiCarlo W.
    The experience was great! My partner did a really good job with his assistance and making me feel safe. I definitely enjoyed my time there and will be jumping again.
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    2 years ago