AFF Terms & Conditions

AFF Terms & Conditions

– we attempt to video every jump, but this is an additional complimentary service – no change in price due to camera failure/omission
-repeat jumps/levels come at an additional cost – including if you have pre-paid for all instructional jump
-the pre-paid program includes one of each jump – repeats are at addition cost
-taking the school is required prior to your first aff jump. participation in the ground school does not guarantee your ability to make a first jump.
-based on your performance in the class, we may decide that you need an additional instructor or additional training prior to your first solo jump
-max weight for aff is 240lbs

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  • Lauren Vaught Avatar
    Lauren V.

    THANK YOU Piedmont Skydiving for an amazing experience!!!! I was referred to Piedmont by a friend and I'm so glad... read more

    1 year ago
  • Andrew John Cohoe Avatar
    Andrew J.

    The purpose of the experience was as a birthday gift for my daughter, she wanted me to go with her.... read more

    4 months ago
  • Ali Garcia Avatar
    Ali G.

    The experience was amazing. My Instructor was knowledgeable and hands on about everything talk with me the whole time and... read more

    1 year ago
  • Alexis Berg Avatar
    Alexis B.

    Hands down coolest adventure yet! Excellent team very focused on both safety and providing an enjoyable experience. Would definitely... read more

    2 years ago
  • Steven Volker Avatar
    Steven V.

    My wife and I are Fun Jumpers. Licensed USPA Members. We would travel from Raleigh to Florida to find a... read more

    1 year ago