What is it like to Skydive? The Piedmont Skydiving Experience

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A step-by-step walkthrough of what it’s like to tandem skydive at Piedmont Skydiving. To view the full virtual experience, click here, or continue reading for the written version.

Preparing for your Skydive

Before you leave for your skydiving adventure, make sure you’re wearing comfortable clothes with closed-toed shoes and make sure that you eat a good meal about 30min-1hour before your appointment time. To get to Piedmont Skydiving, follow the signs for the Rowan County Airport.

We’ve recently moved, so make sure to check out our instructions on how to get to the new facility. You will need your ID for registration, so make sure you bring it with you!

Road leading to Piedmont Skydiving

Registration & Waiver

When you arrive, walk up to the office window and one of our team members will hand you a waiver to review and sign. Make sure you read this waiver carefully and sign & initial everywhere that it asks you to. Once you’re finished, return the waiver to the office. Our office staff will get you registered and let your instructor know that you’re ready to go!

Piedmont Skydiving is the closest skydiving dropzone to Charlotte, NC

Meet Your Instructor

After you’ve signed a waiver, your tandem instructor will find you as soon as they’re able. If the instructor is on another jump when you arrive then you might have to wait a few minutes in our shaded picnic area until they’re on the ground again. They’ll get you set up with all of your equipment and walk you through a 5-10min briefing on everything you need to know before you go skydiving.

An instructor at Piedmont Skydiving helps prepare a student for a tandem skydive

Getting Ready for Takeoff

Our staff will make an announcement 5-10min before it’s time to go so that you have time to use the restroom and prepare for your skydive. When your group is called, your instructor will walk you out to the skydiving aircraft. Your instructor will ask you to sit on one of the benches directly in front of them where they’ll strap your harness onto theirs and get you ready to go.

A tandem skydiver walking out to the PAC 750 XL Skydiving Aircraft at Piedmont Skydiving

Exiting the Aircraft

As soon as you get to altitude (about 12,500ft for a normal skydive and about 17,500ft for a high altitude skydive), the pilot will give the “go” signal and one of our staff members will open the door. You’ll feel a cold rush of refreshing air and your instructor will make sure one last time that you’re excited and ready to go. They’ll move with you towards the door, give you a thumbs up, and you’ll jump out together!

Two Skydivers Opening the Door in a Skydiving Plane
Two students in an Accelerated Freefall Progression Program open the door of the PAC 750 XL Skydiving Plane

What does it feel like to Freefall?

When you jump out of the aircraft you won’t feel that “rollercoaster drop” feeling in your stomach that most people expect. Instead, it’s more like a turbo-jet engine full of adrenaline blowing straight at you as you fall through the sky for 45-80 seconds. And it… is… awesome. Your tandem instructor will take care of all of the hard work, so all you have to do is enjoy the experience.

High-Altitude Skydive from 17,500ft above ground level at Piedmont Skydiving

The Parachute Ride

Once you reach the correct altitude, your instructor will pull the parachute to bring you out of freefall. You’ll feel a bit of a jolt, but it’s typically nothing more intense than a quick stop at a stoplight or jumping off of a diving board. Once the chute is open, you’ll get a 4-7min parachute ride back to the dropzone. You can ask your instructor for a calm, scenic ride back or an incredible rollercoaster ride thousands of feet in the air. It’s up to you!

A tandem skydiver enjoys the parachute ride back to the dropzone at Piedmont Skydiving

The Landing

Once you’re close to the ground, your instructor will ask you to lift your feet and prepare for landing. Our experienced instructors will land you right back at the dropzone. The landing shouldn’t be much harder than jumping down from a 2-4ft box. You’ll be right next to the spectator area so that any friends and family who came to watch will be able to see you land!

An experienced instructor makes a textbook landing with a tandem skydiver at Piedmont Skydiving

Book Your Adventure

We’re proud to be the highest-rated dropzone in North Carolina, and the closest skydiving center to Charlotte! Click below to book your adventure now, or give us a call at (704)603-7920.

Piedmont Skydiving

Piedmont Skydiving is a veteran-owned dropzone is located between Charlotte and Greensboro in Salisbury, North Carolina. Led by certified instructors from the U.S. Parachute Association, we specialize in tandem skydiving at affordable prices.

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