Scott George

Scott George

Tandem Instructor Scott George always has a big smile on his face. He’s one of our students’ favorites, and for good reason: he’s as professional, skillful and safety-minded as he is friendly--and he’s supernaturally friendly!

1. Age:

I’m 46, but I feel like I am 26 and I act like I’m 13.

2. Birthplace:

Spartanburg, SC

3. Occupation:

I do Engineering Management during the week.

4. Hobbies

Fitness (especially Crossfit), obstacle races, scuba diving, and crashing hover boards.

5. Total Number of Jumps:


6. USPA Licenses and Ratings:

USPA D License, Coach, and Tandem Instructor.

7. Tandem Instructor Philosophy:

It is all about the student. I want every jump with my student to be the best time of his or her life.

8. Do you have a favorite saying?

Make the rest of your life the best of your life!

9. How (and where) did you start skydiving?

My first skydive was a tandem. I did that first jump in February of 2000 in Key West, Florida. It (obviously) changed my life.

10. Of all of your skydives, is there one that stands out most?

I’ve enjoyed them all, but my first hot air balloon jump with one of my best friends, Kelly, who has passed away, might be the best of the lot.

11. What's the most amazing thing you can do in the air?

I think wingsuiting (flying like a flying squirrel) is pretty amazing. Jumping with inflatables, doing “Mr. Potato Heads,” and hula hoop jumps are really, really fun, too.

12. What kind of skydiving student were you?

I was impatient. Weather hold days used to really frustrate me. As a student, you want to get in the air so badly--but the more experience you have, the more you realize it is better to be on the ground wishing you were in the air than be in the air wishing you were on the ground.

13. What do you think makes a great skydiver?

A great skydiver is one that puts safety first! This isn’t shuffleboard. We are jumping out of planes, so we have to always keep safety first and foremost.

14. Any pet peeves?

Fun haters! I love to have fun. I love to joke around. If you think you’re too cool to have fun--or if you get offended too easily--then you’re probably a fun hater. Don’t be a fun hater. ;)

15. Do you have any suggestions for first-time tandem students?

Go for it! Live large! Skydiving is an awesome experience. Smile! It keeps your cheeks from flapping ;)

Wanna jump with Scott?

Request him when you call us to book your tandem skydive. And don't forget to find Scott on Facebook and Instagram - he's super-fun to follow.

Something I wanted to do for myself and my kids for our birthdays.  Went with a group of eight (all family) and honestly could not have had a better time.  The facility was nice, and the people were honestly fantastic.  Made the entire experience that much better.  Sincerely appreciate the attention to fun and safety from all of the instructors, and absolutely recommend this to anyone looking for a unique thrill. the money for the pictures and videos.  It's worth it...but hold the camera yourself.  Makes for interesting viewing later on.

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