Jerry Blanton

Jerry Blanton

1. Age:


2. Birthplace:


3. Occupation:


4. Total number of times you've flown skydivers:

Over 5000 loads of skydivers! 4800+ here at Piedmont Skydiving.

5. Fixed-wing flying philosophy:

You have to learn to put the airplane on and wear it, not just sit in it and drive.

6. How (and where) did you start flying?

Soloed in Maryland, immediately went to Arizona and trained as a crop-duster.

7. Of all of your flights, is there one that stands out most?

The one I’ll always remember: I was a newly minted crop-duster, spraying a wheat field, when an adult duck came through my windshield and hit me in the face.

8. What's the most amazing thing you can do in the air?

I can FLY!

9. What kind of flying student were you?

As a student I was dedicated to learning my craft. I finished my training and went to work flying professionally in a seven-month timeframe.

10. Do you have any suggestions for would-be pilots?

Put your ego aside. Stay humble. Find an instructor who will take you beyond the syllabus and teach you to survive.

11. What makes a great pilot?

Great pilots are quiet, humble, and always learning, never satisfied, always striving to be better.

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Something I wanted to do for myself and my kids for our birthdays.  Went with a group of eight (all family) and honestly could not have had a better time.  The facility was nice, and the people were honestly fantastic.  Made the entire experience that much better.  Sincerely appreciate the attention to fun and safety from all of the instructors, and absolutely recommend this to anyone looking for a unique thrill. the money for the pictures and videos.  It's worth it...but hold the camera yourself.  Makes for interesting viewing later on.

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