Iain Jensen

Iain Jensen

Brit Iain Jensen balances his class-clown antics with rock-solid multidisciplinary skydiving skill. He lives for a challenge--and for helping other people realize their own potential, both in the sky and on the ground.

1. Age:


2. Birthplace:

Lincoln, England

3. Occupation:

Skydiver/ Tower Rigger

4. Total Number of Jumps:


5. Skydiving Philosophy:

Be immersed in beauty and incredible visuals.

6. USPA Licenses and Ratings:

Skydiving Coach, Tandem Instructor, Wingsuit Coach (for Flyteskool), DRC and Aerodyne Test jumper

7. How (and where) did you start skydiving?

Edmonton Skydive Center in AB Canada. I met Al Christou, the drop zone owner, on a hot summer afternoon after climbing off a 400' tower. They were all already drinking, so they told me to return the next day. I did. Ever since that first jump, I’ve been throwing all my wages out of airplanes. (Along with one bottle of Glenmorangie 25yr.)

8. Of all of your skydives, is there one that stands out most?

My first tandem! Aside from that: a no-plan, upside-down XRW jump in Deland with Carlos and Sev. Dynamic flying canopies with wingsuiters is pretty awesome. It blew my mind. It's so weird being under canopy and watching the wingsuits fly away to deploy.

9. What's the most amazing thing you can do in the air?

Getting people to show us their O face!

10. What kind of skydiving student were you?

I got my AFF in a day, but I was then--and am now--a difficult student. I questioned everyone and everything. I have to learn through my own experience, which is hard for me and my instructors.

11. Do you have any suggestions for students?

Skydiving was not at all the kind of industry I expected. It is extremely de-structured and the learning progression does not come to you. You have to chase it down, and find people that make a difference to you that want you to succeed!

12. What makes a great skydiver?

Perseverance! Work ethic, attitude!

13. Pet Peeves:

Negative nancies.

14. Hobbies:

Guitar. Public nudity.

Wanna jump with Iain? Rad! Request him when you book your skydive at Piedmont.

Something I wanted to do for myself and my kids for our birthdays.  Went with a group of eight (all family) and honestly could not have had a better time.  The facility was nice, and the people were honestly fantastic.  Made the entire experience that much better.  Sincerely appreciate the attention to fun and safety from all of the instructors, and absolutely recommend this to anyone looking for a unique thrill.

Oh...pay the money for the pictures and videos.  It's worth it...but hold the camera yourself.  Makes for interesting viewing later on.

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