Andrew Karnowski

Andrew Karnowski

1. Age:


2. Birthplace:


3. Occupation:


4. Total Number of Jumps:


5. Total number of pack jobs, sport and tandem (approx):


6. Skydiving Philosophy:

Jump More, Bitch Less

7. How (and where) did you start skydiving and packing?

At a college club, Kansas State University Parachute Club, Manhattan, KS

8. What's the most amazing thing you can do in the air?

Not die

9. What kind of skydiving student were you?

The fun kind

10. Do you have any suggestions for students?

Soak it all in, don’t be afraid to ask questions

11. Hobbies:

Skydiving, Parachutes, Flying Airplanes

I took my boyfriend here for his birthday. Both of us had a great experience! Thomas especially made our first jump fun and enjoyable. All the staff were professional and competent, and I would definitely recommend this place to anyone for their first skydiving experience!

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