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A Surprising New Years Resolution That Just Might Change Your Life

by | Apr 10, 2020 | News & Special Events

2016 has come and gone (thank goodness, right?) and it’s time to press the reset button–but this time, for reals.

This time, New Years resolutions about pants sizes and bank accounts aren’t going to cut it. Think bigger. Way bigger. As big as the whole sky.

Your New Years resolution should be about growing your personal power to fully fit the challenges of your life. Your New Years resolution should celebrate possibility; should blossom out beyond what you thought you could do back in the bad old days (like: back in 2016); should nudge itself underneath you like a friendly dragon and fly you up, up, up to a perspective you thought you’d never see.

Your New Years Resolution should be scary, because all the really good growth is. And it should inspire the stuffing out of you. (No gym membership has ever, ever done that.)

Your New Years resolution should reach out and tickle all the other parts of your life with knock-on confidence.

Your New Years Resolution should be to learn to skydive.

And we’re resolved to teach you.

Piedmont Skydiving

Piedmont Skydiving is a veteran-owned dropzone is located between Charlotte and Greensboro in Sailsbury, North Carolina. Led by certified instructors from the U.S. Parachute Association, we specialize in tandem skydiving at affordable prices.

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