High-Altitude Tandems

17,500 Feet: The Highest High

Only at Piedmont Skydiving

High Altitude Tandem Skydive Highlights:

High-Altitude Tandems in North Carolina

  • Highest Skydive in the Carolinas from 17,500ft
  • Up to 80 seconds of freefall, nearly double a normal skydive
  • Supplemental oxygen provided on plane ride to altitude

When we say “jump” and you respond “how high,” our answer is better than you can possibly imagine.

For comparison: 17,500 feet means adventure. It’s the altitude of the Mount Everest Base Camp. Go in the other direction, and you’ll be at the bottom of the South Solomon Trench by the time you reach 17,500 feet. At 17,500 feet, you’re at the extreme: not only of the envelope of the world, but of yourself. At 17,500, you’ll meet your strongest, bravest self.

Your 17,500-foot high-altitude tandem jump will pair you with one of our eminently professional, experienced Tandem Instructors. You’ll use supplemental oxygen in the plane, then bail out for up to 80 jaw-dropping seconds of freefall (double that of a normal skydive!)

Piedmont Skydiving is proud to offer this truly once-in-a-lifetime experience for just $379. Offer only available on weekends, April-October. Must reserve with a minimum group size of at least two participants.

So: when we say “jump,” what’s your answer?

Best experience of my life! Had an amazing time and couldn't ask for a better staff. Can't wait to get back to Piedmont Skydiving and jump again! Instructor Scott made the experience even better with his enthusiasm and sense of humor! I would recommend the Piedmont Skydiving team to anyone willing to jump out of a functioning airplane!

» Sean Molloy