Why Choose Us

You have a choice when it comes to tandem skydiving dropzones. We know it! We’re here to tell you, though, that we’re the best choice you can make...and we’re ready to prove it.

1. We’re convenient.

We’re centrally located in northern Carolina--within just 45 minutes of Charlotte, Winston-Salem and Greensboro. That’s just a hop, skip and an epic jump away, y’know!

2. We’re dedicated to your safety.

At Piedmont Skydiving, we maintain the very best, highest quality gear for your safety and comfort. We meticulously maintain every bit of that gear in excellent working order, and we take great pride in our extensive licensing and qualifications. We care about your safety, and it shows!

3. We’re good-looking.

Okay, well--at least there’s no argument that our little piece of sky is gorgeous. There’s no better way to experience the grandeur of God’s country--North Carolina, naturally-- than to leap out into the sky over it. Skydiving in Charlotte is the most thrilling way we can think of to add a shot of adventure to your weekend. We’d love to show you how amazing it can be!

4. We're the friendliest skydivers in the sky!

We're proud to have built the friendliest, most welcoming group of skydiving professionals around. From the moment you step on the dropzone, you'll be surrounded by kind, supportive instructors and staff members who are dedicated to looking after your safety and comfort. Curious? Here's an up-close-and-personal introduction. You'll see what we mean!

Best experience of my life! Had an amazing time and couldn't ask for a better staff. Can't wait to get back to Piedmont Skydiving and jump again! Instructor Scott made the experience even better with his enthusiasm and sense of humor! I would recommend the Piedmont Skydiving team to anyone willing to jump out of a functioning airplane!

» Sean Molloy