1. Age:


2. Birthplace:

Norwood, NC

3. Occupation:

Nervousness Therapy Dog / Staff Entertainment Director

4. Total Number of Jumps:

One plane ride. Hated it.

5. Total number of pack jobs, sport and tandem:

Approx. 4,000 pack jobs supervised.

6. Skydiving Philosophy:

Beau absolutely loves being on the dropzone. He loves to greet skydivers when they land. It’s hard work, though! He gets tired by the end of the day.

7. What's the most amazing thing Beau can do?

His Dad, Dan (the dropzone owner) can call him in from anywhere, no matter how many planes and distractions are around.

8. Does Beau have any suggestions for students?

Not really, but he will be the first to lick their face.

9. Pet Peeves:

Beau is a Golden Retriever — he deals with everything! He’s on a super-even keel. Just please don’t give him human food!

10. Hobbies:

Chasing squirrels, barking at birds, going to the ocean

This was my 3rd and most enjoyable tandem jump to date. The staff was great and my jump master (Frank) was very cool guy.  I will be recommending them to my friends who want to try this.

» Philip Greenberg