Why Is Skydiving So Addictive?!

tandem skydiving

It’s crazy, guys. Seriously.

Y’know what it’s like to be addicted to something (or -- heck -- someone you’re really into)? You can’t get enough. Your thoughts are tied up in your obsession constantly. Nothing in your life manages to capture your attention in the same way. And then, the second you’ve had your fix, your life is basically spent waiting for the next one. Soon, somehow, every spare dollar (along with some that aren’t exactly spare, if you’re being totally honest about it) go to feeding that fire.

That’s what it’s like with skydiving, guys. It’s obsessive love; it’s a chemical dependency on your own supply. And it is AMAZING.

How could skydiving possibly be so addictive? If you’ve never tried it, that might seem like a perfectly insane statement. We’re going to try to explain it to you...

1. It is such a powerful feeling of freedom.

Jumping out the door of an aircraft feels like magic. It’s transformative: after you do it once, you can rest assured that you'll never be quite the same again. When you’re out in the sky, you’ll experience crystal clarity. The voices that always yap in your head fall silent. In their place: Freedom.

Just try to imagine this: for a moment of your life, every single thing that’s eating at you, from problems in your relationships to challenges with your work, will be quite literally miles away. That alone is enough to keep people coming back!

2. You won’t find this flavor of happiness anywhere else.

A skydive takes a few simple ingredients -- a handful of OMGOMG nervousness; a cup of existential worry -- and, during the course of the jump, changes those not-so-great sensations into the most explosive, edgeless feeling of anything-is-possible that you’ve ever felt.

It usually surprises the heck out of people when it happens. True story: people often burst into giddy tears after they land. They start running around the landing area like crazy people, hugging and high-fiving anybody who happens to be in their path. And -- whaddaya know -- most of them bolt right back to the office and ask us about learning to skydive.

3. Your circle of friends levels the heck up.

Y’know how you feel when you’re in love? Obsessed? Addicted? Well: How about falling in like with a whole new world of incredible friendships? Yep. Same.

As it turns out, skydiving is a super-social sport. It’s about so much more than simply jumping out of a plane. Skydiving is as much about being a part of a worldwide community as it is taking part in a sport.

It’s pretty usual that new skydivers get hopelessly addicted to skydiving because of that community so much more often than they get addicted to the sport’s other multiple awesomenesses. Most of us will tell you that getting addicted to skydiving was one of the best things that’s ever happened to us.

Ready to give it a try? We’re here for you at Piedmont Skydiving. If you get hooked, make sure you blame us. But don’t worry: We saw it coming a mile away.

This was my 3rd and most enjoyable tandem jump to date. The staff was great and my jump master (Frank) was very cool guy.  I will be recommending them to my friends who want to try this.

» Philip Greenberg