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Why Is Skydiving So Addictive?!

» 7/18/19, 7:31 AM

What You Need to Know About The Weather For Skydiving

» 5/28/19, 2:29 PM

Here's why you should not check the North Carolina skydiving weather on your phone

Real Skydiving vs. Indoor Skydiving

» 2/11/19, 3:02 PM

60 Candles? 60 Seconds of Freefall!

» 12/18/18, 8:02 AM

Amy Aldrich Norman and her Husband Sure Do Celebrate a Birthday Right

An Education At 18,000 Feet

» 12/3/18, 8:29 AM

Aviation Educator Kent Lupton Learns a Thing Or Two Outside the Plane

Love Takes Flight

» 11/21/18, 11:53 PM

Brittany Talton and Bryan Padgett’s Skydiving Engagement!

In The Stocking: Bucket List Item Number 1

» 11/10/18, 11:33 PM

How about sharing your love of skydiving -- and getting something out of it for yourself in the meantime? This holiday season, make it a mission.

More Excited Than Anything

» 8/15/18, 4:08 PM

They’re As Happy As We Are!: Chris Atkinson’s Story

» 6/10/18, 7:32 PM

Chris Atkinson is a force to be reckoned with. This mother/grandmother/photographer/adventurer/storyteller, with her waterfall of Disney-princess hair, million-watt smile and mile-wide heart brings everyone around her into her thrall -- including us! It's no wonder that she felt so at home in the sky. Here's Chris's skydiving story, in her own words.

Taming the Anxiety Dragon for Good

» 6/9/18, 7:24 PM

How Rebecca Cowan Shows Anxiety Who’s Boss: By Skydiving

Gifts of Inspiration: Chad Brisson’s Story

» 5/29/18, 3:38 AM

When High Point local Chad Brisson first rocked up to Piedmont Skydiving, we knew he was going to be an awesome skydiver. We weren’t wrong. Now, Chad is planning his second jump — and seriously considering pursuing the sport as a hobby. Here’s Chad’s story — in his own words — which might be helpful to you if you’re curious about what it’s like to skydive for the first time. (Spoiler: There are a couple of helpful hints in here!) Enjoy.

Celebrating Life With My Miracle Mom

» 3/7/18, 7:52 PM

Life Lessons With Ashley Bayse

» 2/19/18, 9:13 PM

Krysta Dean Falls For Skydiving

» 2/9/18, 7:37 PM

What Was Waiting For Me Outside the Airplane Door

» 1/7/18, 4:43 PM

It may have been my son's birthday, but *I* got the best gift: Freedom.

Excuse Me While I Lift the Sky

» 10/15/17, 9:49 PM

Way, Way Better Than Cake

» 9/30/17, 10:41 AM

Meg Avey Leaps Into 60 (With Flair!)

Worth the Weight

» 7/13/17, 8:58 AM

Jeremy Post Slays 125 Dragons To Make His First Skydive (And Insists You Can, Too)

Every Day Is Halloween In Freefall

» 6/18/17, 11:57 PM

Dressing Up And Getting Down With Dana Wagner

Concentrated Inspiration: Piedmont Skydiving Welcomes Dynamo Jarrod Spears to the Sky

» 6/18/17, 11:55 PM

Jarrod Spears is a man on a mission.

The Triumphant Flight of Mr. Johnson

» 3/3/17, 6:48 PM

Teacher of the Year Anthony Johnson Makes His First Jump (Of Many!)

Successful Skydiving Spectating: A Quick Guide for “Ground Crew”

» 1/19/17, 6:12 AM

Want to bring your tribe along to marvel at your majesty as you make that longed-for skydive? Awesome! Skydiving is even more fun when you have friends and family along to celebrate with you. We have a few tips you can share with them to ensure smooth sailing (so pass these along to your people).

A Surprising New Years Resolution That Just Might Change Your Life

» 1/1/17, 4:30 PM

2016 has come and gone (thank goodness, right?) and it’s time to press the reset button--but this time, for reals.

The Unsinkable Lisa Cook

» 11/16/16, 10:38 PM

On surviving cancer, then celebrating in the sky.

Student Spotlight: The Incredible Shrinking Mike Yarbrough

» 11/16/16, 10:36 PM

Mike Yarbrough, from Lexington, North Carolina, is less than half the man he used to be. To be precise, he’s 410 pounds smaller. The weight limits on skydiving pose a challenge to many, many potential jumpers, so a success story like this one gets us on our feet and cheering.

But I'm Afraid of Heights!

» 11/16/16, 10:32 PM

A lot of first-time tandem skydivers are super-concerned with their fear of heights. But guess what? Everybody is afraid of heights, to some degree. You are by no means alone.

How to Relax Before (or After) Your First Skydive

» 11/16/16, 10:31 PM

How Our Equipment Makes Your Tandem Skydive Better

» 11/16/16, 10:27 PM

The Sigma System is Safer, More Comfortable and Better All-Around

One High-Flying Proposal

» 11/16/16, 10:25 PM

About Proposing to Your Boo On A Skydive

How Do These Nifty Skydiving Gift Certificates Work?

» 11/16/16, 10:23 PM

Ever wanted to give someone a once-in-a-lifetime experience that will guarantee they’ll be indebted to you forever because your gift changed, like, their entire lives?

This was my 3rd and most enjoyable tandem jump to date. The staff was great and my jump master (Frank) was very cool guy.  I will be recommending them to my friends who want to try this.

» Philip Greenberg