Do you dream of flying?

Comprehensive Accelerated Freefall Progression

Do you dream of flying? We’d love to teach you to skydive here at Piedmont Skydiving, the friendliest place to learn to skydive in North Carolina.

After two tandem skydives, as an AFP student you’ll be at the controls. You’ll fly your own parachute with two instructors alongside you from the aircraft door through to your deployment, giving you feedback (via hand signals) throughout freefall. At that point, you’ll deploy and fly your parachute while our ground crew talks you through the flight over a radio connection.

What's an AFP?

Our skydive training program is called AFP, which stands for “Accelerated Freefall Progression.”
AFP is a comprehensive program that’s all about graduating new skydivers with a strong, skilled, confident foundation to become the best solo, certified skydivers they can be.

The 16-jump program starts with two tandem skydives to help you get your bearings in the new environment. From there, it emphasizes strong freefall and canopy skills, a procedural approach to the high-stakes environment of a skydive and one-on-one tutelage by our team of experienced skydiving instructors. All jumps are video recorded for thorough, immediate feedback.

AFP Pricing

Course Pricing

Tandem 1

Freefall: Display proper body position.
$179-209 *

Tandem 2

Freefall: 90 & 360 degree turns. Pull at correct altitude in a calm and aware manner. / Parachute: Discuss canopy control check and pattern.
$179-209 *

First Jump Course

Ground Training; 6-8 Hours.


Freefall: relaxed and stable pull at the correct altitude.


Freefall: Release Dive, relaxed and in-control solo pull at the correct altitude. (Must join USPA after the skydive.)
$179 + $78 **


Freefall: 90-degree freefall turns left and right using arms. / Parachute: 90 degree rear riser turns with brakes stowed and unstowed.


Freefall: 360 degree freefall turns. / Parachute: 180/360 rear riser turns.


Freefall: Barrel rolls; demonstration of stability recovery.


Freefall: Backflips, front flip; demonstration of stability recovery.


Freefall: Intro to tracking (Delta position). / Parachute: Deep brake turns. Eligible For Packing Class ($60 - max. 4 hours).


Freefall: Tracking (Full). / Parachute: Braked approach.


Freefall: x2 successful docks from greater than 10’ starting distance / Parachute: Reverse canopy turns

AFF 10

Freefall: Fall rate adjustments

AFF 11

Freefall: Swoop docks. / Parachute: Front riser turns

AFF 12

Freefall: Simulated Emergency Exit from 5,500ft

AFF 13

Freefall: Simulated Emergency Exit from 3,500ft

Check Dive

Freefall: 360--degree left turn, 360 right turn, backflip, dock from +20’ starting distance. / Parachute: Land as planned

Free Jump

As a reward for making it through all the license requirements with Piedmont Skydiving, you earn a jump at no charge! Enjoy your solo skydive!

A License Requirement

8 more jumps at $57 each to meet A License requirement

Prepay option

Package price for AFF 1 through check dive. Normally priced at $2,334

* Depending on the day of the week ** USPA